Bathroom Remodeling in JacksonvilleTake a look at your bathroom. Does it need to be renovated? How can you tell?

Renovating a bathroom, kitchen, or another area of your home can make your home more livable. It also can increase its resale value. In fact, in many cases, homeowners have been able to recoup the cost of their bathroom or kitchen upgrades — plus a little extra — when they finally sell their house.

But how can you actually tell if your bathroom really needs to be renovated? There are a couple of key ways.

Bathroom Remodel Jacksonville FL — Emotional Responses

Do you hate your bathroom? When you get up in the morning and turn on the shower, does what you see make you feel crummy? If so, it’s probably time to renovate your bathroom.

Upgrading a bathroom to make it brighter, sunnier, and more modern can do a lot for your mood. When you start each day hating your bathroom, it can set the tone that can last for hours. But when you have a newly renovated bathroom that is more functional, brighter, and generally more luxurious than it was before, it can put you in a good mood all day long.

Bathroom Remodel Jacksonville FL — Time to Renovate

Another question to ask yourself is: “When was the last time you renovated your bathroom?” If the answer is more than 20 years ago, if you don’t remember, or if you have never updated your bathroom as long as you have lived in your home, it’s probably time to consider remodeling.

While the basic fixtures of a bathroom don’t change much, decorations and innovations change with time. The shower and bathtub, toilet, and sink you have now may have been state-of-the-art when they were installed, but there are a lot of better options available right now.

If its time for your bathroom to be upgraded, call Spencer for Hire. We’re one of the leading bathroom remodelers in Florida and we’ve already got a lot of great ideas for your bathroom!