Everywhere throughout the Panhandle, spring is in the air. Temperatures are warming, trees and flowers are blooming, and residents are getting ready for another warm and humid summer.

Spring is the best time of the year to plan for home improvement projects. Homeowners everywhere are looking around, compiling lists, and making plans so they can get the really big jobs completed before the season’s truly hot and humid weather sets in.

Handyman Jacksonville FL — Spring Cleaning & Repairs

Spring’s relatively cool temperatures are ideal for cleaning and repair projects. Even major jobs like roof replacement, kitchen or bathroom renovations, exterior painting, or fence installation are easier to do during the spring than they are in the summer. Soaring temperatures and full sun can shorten the workday and delay big and small projects alike.

That means the time for planning is right now. Take these simple steps to get your home ready for spring projects:

  1. Grab a clipboard and pen and do a walkaround of your property
  2. Make a list of everything you would like to get done
  3. When completed, sit down and prioritize your list
  4. Finally, come up with a budget and get to work

The littlest, most affordable projects often can be knocked off your list first. These include things like landscaping, painting touch-ups, and window cleaning. But for the bigger jobs, you may need professional help.

Handyman Jacksonville FL — Spencer for Hire

Major projects like room renovations, additions, fence building, and exterior painting often are too complicated or too big to tackle on your own. But you can rely on the home improvement professionals at Spencer for Hire to help you get through your home’s punch list.

Simply call our experienced, reliable handymen for any sized project. The sooner you call, the sooner we can get you on our schedule and complete your job.

Spring is the season of rebirth. Make your home new again with the help of the helpful handymen at Spencer for Hire!