home-31It’s a whole new year and a whole new time to consider upgrading your home.

If you don’t like where you live you have two options: You can move to a new house or you can make the one you have more livable. For 2019, consider these five home improvement projects that can give you more space and make your existing home seem like it’s brand new.

Handyman Jacksonville FL — Remodelling Projects

One of the most popular ways to make an old home seem fresh is to launch a remodeling project of the kitchen, bathroom, recreational room, or another area.

Remodeling allows homeowners to choose a new design, new decor, and create a whole new space inside their existing homes. For kitchen remodeling, this can include new cabinets and appliances. For bathrooms, it can include new fixtures and lighting. Both can include new colors and decor.

For basements or rec rooms, remodeling can be as simple as changing out the paint color and lighting or as complicated as adding an addition to your home.

Handyman Jacksonville FL — Heating and Air Conditioning Upgrade

Another home improvement project that can add value to your home is upgrading your heating and air conditioning. Frequently, these are done at the same time because furnaces and A/C units your are replacing usually were installed at the same time, making them both old and inefficient.

Adding new fencing to your yard and/or adding a deck to the back of your home is another great way to make your house more livable while adding both space and value.

Whatever home improvement projects you choose for 2019, Spencer for Hire can help turn your dreams into reality. We’ve been serving your friends and neighbors for years. This year, it’s your turn!

It’s a whole new year. Celebrate in style while upgrading your home by calling Spencer for Hire today!