remodeling-fl-jacksonvilleIn many ways, selling a home is a lot harder than buying one. While first-time home buyers have to navigate the world of mortgages, property taxes, and real estate listings, first-time home sellers have to confront the truth about the actual value of their home.

Regardless of how long you have lived in your home — whether its several months or several decades — you are going to create wear and tear. The very act of being in your home every day, using its bathroom and kitchen fixtures, running the heating and air conditioning, and even walking its floors and carpets leaves an imprint.

So when you decide it is finally time to move on to another place, it’s often surprising to learn that all that usage has negatively affected the resale value of your home.

Home Repair Jacksonville FL — Getting Your Home ‘Sale Ready’

When you live in a home, you tend to take its flaws for granted. But prospective buyers won’t. They will instantly see all the things wrong with your home that you may have stopped noticing years ago.

Every little problem with your home — appliances that are outdated or broken, lighting fixtures that need to be repaired or replaced, and even bigger problems like mold or flood damage — are going to drag down the real price you can get for your home.

So repairing as many of these issues as possible before putting your house on the market is a good investment that offers high potential returns.

Home Repair Jacksonville FL — The Home Repair Experts

At Spencer for Hire, we have helped dozens of your friends and neighbors get their home ready for market. We are experienced in identifying the most important fixes that will add the most immediate value to your home so that you can get maximum value for your house.

Then we can repair and fix whatever you need doing to make your home worth more so it will sell faster.

So if you are beginning the process of getting your home ready for resale, call Spencer for Hire so you can get more and worry less.