Craftsman painter stands on the stairs with rollerEvery homeowner should have some fix-it skills. If you own a house, you probably need to be able to change a light bulb, replace a furnace filter, or power wash a deck.

But some household jobs require more skills, specialized tools, or previous experience. If you have never rewired an electrical outlet or replaced your kitchen cabinets, for example, you probably don’t want to just wing it.

While you might have the skills and experience to handle most of the jobs around your house, for the bigger jobs it’s usually a good idea to call a professional handyman.

Handyman Jacksonville FL — What’s a Handyman, Anyway?

Certain tradesman have specialized skills. An electrician, for example, is experienced at working with electricity and wiring. A carpenter knows how to build with wood and other materials. A tile and grout installer knows how to lay down a tile floor put new splash guards in your kitchen or bathroom.

A handyman knows how to do a little bit of everything. While he or she may not have extensive experience in one specific area, they usually know enough to do just about any job around your home that is a little outside your comfort zone.

Handyman Jacksonville FL — When to Call a Handyman

A handyman is a good person to have on speed dial because they usually can fix just about anything that breaks down in your home. While you might want to rely on a professional electrician to rewire your breaker panel, a handyman usually can fix a broken light fixture or change out a blown outlet. Or fix a dryer that’s on the fritz.

A handyman can also do most other jobs around the house, such as painting or fixing holes in walls or broken windows.

Calling Spencer for Hire, the leading handyman service in the Jacksonville area, is usually a good place to start when you need something done around your home.