Handyman-in-Jacksonville-FlWhen you first purchased your home, odds are you chose it from all the others because you saw something special about it that you loved.

For the first few years, or even the first couple of decades, living in your home may have given you much joy and happiness. But regardless of how much you first enjoyed living in your home, over time that “loving feeling” can fade.

Overcoming Over-Familiarity

There’s an old saying: “Familiarity breeds contempt.” When you have been living in your home for a long time, you can start to take it for granted. It can become familiar to the point where you know all of its idiosyncrasies and flaws. You may start to dislike it or even hate your home. And nobody wants to hate the place where they live.

If you are tired of your house or fed up with its flaws, now there’s a cure for being this type of over-familiarity with your current home. Making an upgrade to a kitchen, bathroom, or other important room in your home often can make it feel like a whole new place to live.

Bright and Shiny New Upgrade

An old house with a brand new bathroom, kitchen, or both can help you rediscover what you loved about your home in the first place. Renovations can make you excited about living in your home again.

You will want to show off your new updated home to family and friends in the same way you first gave tours of your new home all those many years ago.

Like the old song says, if you have “Lost that Lovin’ Feeling” for your old house, make some positive changes. Let Spencer for Hire give you a quote on a new kitchen, bathroom, or other updates for your home so you can become excited about living there again.