gallery-9It happens every year. Come the first week of significantly hot and humid weather, people turn on their air conditioners for the first time of the season only to discover that it doesn’t work. And when they call for a repair or maintenance, they are surprised to discover that they aren’t the only ones having the same problem.

Wait times for service are at their longest when the weather turns hot for the first time of the year when everybody needs service at the same time. This year, beat the crowd by scheduling your air conditioning maintenance, repair, or replacement with the technicians from Spencer for Hire before the big rush.

Air Conditioning Repair Jacksonville FL — Jump to the Front of the Line

While the weather in Florida rarely dips below freezing, there are a few weeks or months when you don’t really need to run your air conditioner — at least not all the time.

This is the best time to schedule the regular annual or semi-annual maintenance of your air conditioner. It’s also the best time for repairs or to install an entirely new air conditioning system in your home or business.

Depending on where you live, you could still be several weeks away from the hot weather. So getting a technician in now to take a look at your air conditioning can save you time and headaches later, when everybody is going to be demanding service.

Air Conditioning Repair  Jacksonville FL — Do You Need Service?

Winter downtime is when most problems with air conditioners occur. When the unit isn’t running all the time, that’s when critters can crawl in and cause problems. It’s also when parts that have been running all throughout the previous season can fail, wear out, or break down.

You don’t want to wait until you desperately need your air conditioner to find out that it isn’t working properly. Before the hot weather sets in, call Spencer for Hire and have your air conditioning unit checked out. We can identify problems, make repairs, and perform standard maintenance so that your system is reliable and can be counted on when you truly need it.