AIR-CONDITIONINGPeople who move to Florida up north are used to getting their air conditioning units in shape in the spring. That’s because in places like Minnesota or Boston, they only needed their air conditioning a couple of months per year.

But in Florida, it’s air conditioning season pretty much year round. Sure, you might be able to shut your air conditioning unit off for a few weeks in late December or early January. But you probably are going to have to start it up again shortly afterward as soon as the temperature starts soaring again.

Air Conditioning Repair Jacksonville FL — Year Round Service

Companies that do air conditioning repair and maintenance in northern states generally have to find other services to offer their clients during the colder months, including repairing and servicing furnaces, hot water heaters, and other appliances.

But air conditioning service providers in Florida can keep busy working almost exclusively on air conditioning units all year round. While they may also do other jobs, for most air conditioning service companies, it’s mostly air conditioners nearly all the time.

Air Conditioning Repair Jacksonville FL — Air Conditioning Services

Air conditioning units require frequent service and maintenance in order to run properly. That’s because they are mechanical units. And in the state of Florida, they often run at full speed 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, close to 365 days per year.

Not only are mechanical devices like air conditioners prone to normal wear and tear, but they also require recharging, checking of freon levels, and other routine maintenance in order to run properly.

If you live in Florida, you rely on having air conditioning available all the time. That’s why you need a reliable, professional air conditioning repair and service company like Spencer for Hire on your speed dial.

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