gallery-5Painting the outside of your home isn’t a project most homeowners do very often. Most exterior house paints are engineered to last 10 years, 20 years, or even longer.

But if your home does need a new coat of exterior paint, there are a number of things to consider before choosing your paint color.

House Painters Jacksonville FL — Before You Paint

Before you choose a paint color, however, you should know if your home should be painted at all. Houses with aluminum siding, brick, and other surfaces aren’t usually painted.

You also need to understand the local zoning ordinances in the community where you live. Some communities will limit the colors you can use to paint your home or prohibit homes from being painted bright or loud colors.

House Painters Jacksonville FL —  Same Old, Same Old

Many homeowners will simply repaint the outside of their home the same color that it already is. This is the simplest approach.

Painting your home the same color has the benefit of making your house look the same, only better. A fresh coat of new paint the same color can improve the look of your home without creating any kind of extreme change in the way it looks.

But if you are tired of the way your house looks and want to shake things up a little, there are many other colors to consider for your home.

House Painters Jacksonville FL — Old School

If your house is older, you might want to consider researching its original colors and using those for your new exterior house paint.

Owners of historic homes often find that the time and effort spent researching how the home looked originally are more than worth it once the project is done. You can restore the original look and feel of your home even if it is decades or even a century old or older.