home repair in Jacksonville FlMore than probably any other home improvement project, bathroom remodels in Jacksonville FL almost always go over budget.

How can one of the smallest rooms in the house end up costing so much to upgrade? Some of it has to do with the plumbing, which is one of the most costly types of repairs and renovations.

Another has to do with the expense of top-quality fixtures, including luxury upgrades like frameless glass shower doors and plated faucets and fixtures.

Bathroom Remodels in Jacksonville FL — Have a Plan B

When planning bathroom remodels in Jacksonville FL — or any type of home improvement project, for that matter — it’s always a good idea to dream big. We encourage homeowners to imagine what their finished project would look like if money was no object.

This is an effective way to come up with creative ideas and indulge your imagination. Some of the best ideas come from not putting limitations on your fantasies.

The next step, however, is facing reality. And that usually requires scaling back your dream project to one that is more affordable.

Bathroom Remodels in Jacksonville FL — Reality Bites

It doesn’t matter who they are, everybody has a budget. Whether you are the typical homeowner living on a suburban cul-de-sac or Donald Trump upgrading Mar-A-Lago, there’s going to be some limit to the amount you can spend.

The best approach is to coming in at or under budget is to prioritize those elements that you really, really want and then be willing to sacrifice anything else that is a lower priority.

Maybe you really want those gold-plated faucets. Well, you may be able to afford them if you don’t replace the floor or if you opt for a less expensive walk-in shower.

Dream big, but have a Plan B … and even a Plan C or D.