home repair Jacksonville FlFor most homeowners, planning a painting project usually takes a lot longer than the actual painting project itself.

That’s because there are often a lot of decisions that need to be made before the first paint can is opened, including what colors to choose for the walls, for the trim, for the contrasting wall, and more.

Once these decisions are finalized, a professional painter can often get the actual painting job done in a few days or less, depending on the size and complexity of the job.

House Painters Jacksonville FL — Interior and Exterior House Painting

There are essentially two different types of residential painting projects: Interior and exterior.

Exterior projects are when you paint the outside of your home. Today, these types of projects are less common than they used to be. That’s because many contemporary homes are either brick or siding, neither of which usually require painting.

Exterior painting is more common on homes with wood or clapboard exterior siding, something that was far more common on homes built more than 50 or 60 years ago than it is today.

What is more common is for professional painters to be hired to paint railings, porches, and other exterior areas other than the main house itself.

House Painters Jacksonville Fl — Interior Painting Projects

Interior painting projects are much more common. That’s because painted walls are more popular than ever, surpassing paneling, wallpaper, and other types of wall coverings with today’s’ interior design.

Many homeowners will change the paint colors of their interior walls once every few years. Others will paint one or two rooms one year, then do the remaining rooms in different years.

Whether you need exterior or interior painting, you can rely on Spencer for Hire. We are the house painters Jacksonville Fl homeowners have come to depend upon for all their residential painting needs.