slide3.jpgPlanning a remodeling project for your home is your opportunity to be your most creative. The most successful kitchen remodeling in Jacksonville begins with bold, imaginative plans.

You can always scale back later if you need to due to budget or time constraints. But at the beginning of your kitchen remodeling project, try to think as big and as bold as you dare.

Kitchen Remodeling in Jacksonville — The Sky’s the Limit

Everybody has a budget. But the planning stages isn’t the time to be looking for corners that can be cut or costs that can be controlled. There will be plenty of time for that later.

When you are looking at your old kitchen and trying to imagine what your dream kitchen would look like, don’t let things like existing walls, appliances, or even windows and doors limit your imagination. In your mind, you can blow it up and start all over again and it won’t cost you a penny.

Kitchen Remodeling in Jacksonville — Think Function over Form

Ask yourself questions such as, “How do I plan to use my kitchen?” or “What is my fantasy for entertaining with my kitchen?”

Maybe that would include a marble-topped island for sharing family meals or hosting a buffet during a dinner party. Or maybe it would be tearing down a wall that blocks the view from the kitchen into other parts of the home.

During the planning stages, there should be no limitations on what you can do or not do with your kitchen. It’s the time to let your dreams flow free.

Kitchen Remodeling in Jacksonville — Transforming Your Dream into Reality

When you put no limits on planning your kitchen remodeling in Jacksonville, you are sure to come up with some great ideas that you can incorporate into your final plan.

You may have to compromise later, but not at the outset. At Spencer for Hire, we will help you transform as much of your dream kitchen into reality.