Roofer Working On Exterior Of New HomeWinter has finally ended and signs of spring are everywhere. One of the most common annual signs of spring is crowded parking lots at your local home improvement stores.

There’s something about springtime weather that gets homeowners thinking about upgrading their property. Whether they are planting a garden, resodding a lawn, or renovating a bathroom or kitchen, springtime is the right time for home improvement projects.

Home Renovation in Jacksonville — Spring Construction

Springtime in Florida is also the busiest time of year for the state’s construction companies and contractors. Partly that is due to homeowners wanting to make upgrades to their homes now that winter has ended.

But it also has to do with the weather. The spring season is the most temperate in Florida.  The summer’s hot and humid conditions are months away so builders have plenty of time to complete their construction projects in comfort.

Home Renovation in Jacksonville — Let the Sun Shine In 

By the time summer arrives in Florida, projects like renovating bathrooms or kitchens can become a real challenge.

Workers will need to be in and out of your house frequently during summer construction, which means that your air conditioner will need to work overtime just to maintain reasonable temperatures.

That’s another reason why so many homeowners opt for spring renovation projects, rather than any other time of the year. The temperatures are generally cool enough to keep doors and windows open without creating a steam bath inside your home.

Home Renovation in Jacksonville — Let’s Get Started

If you have been dreaming all winter about a home renovation project, now is the time to ask.

Contact Spencer for Hire for a free estimate of your project, regardless of the size or scope. The clock is ticking for springtime work completion, so don’t wait to call.