home-27One of the first questions many homeowners have before launching a home remodeling project is, “How much is it going to cost?” The answer will depend on a number of different factors.

According to the website HomeAdvisor.com, the average reported cost of a multiple room remodeling project was $36,001, while most homeowners spent between $17,537 and $58,618. The least expensive project cost $4,970 and the most expensive cost, $103,000, based on a survey of 2,859 homeowners.

Home Remodeling in Jacksonville -Your Project’s Costs

The cost of your home remodeling project will depend on the size and scope of the work. If you plan to renovate multiple rooms at once — such as the bathroom and the kitchen — it probably will cost more than if you focus on a single room.

Another factor will be how much work you plan to do during your remodel. Replacing a floor, painting the walls, or buying new appliances isn’t all that expensive by themselves, but if you do them all at the same time the cost obviously will be higher.

Home Remodeling in Jacksonville — Dream Big Then Scale Back

One of the best approaches to a home remodeling project is to start by thinking as big as possible. Consider the scope of your project as if money was not an issue.

If you didn’t have to worry about the budget, what sorts of things would you like to do to your home? Then, after you have a grand plan, identify the areas that have the highest priority to you.

It could be getting new countertops for your kitchen, cutting a new skylight in your bathroom, or any other upgrades you truly want. These are the things you absolutely must include in your home renovation project.

Once you have your “wish list”, as well as your “must haves”, it’s time to call the professionals at Spencer for Hire for a FREE estimate.