home additionWhen you are renovating your home, there are certain rooms that are more likely to be upgraded than others.

Homeowners usually approach remodeling projects from dual perspectives:  The first is that they want larger, updated, more comfortable spaces for themselves and their families. The second is that they are thinking about the home’s resale value down the line, and how the renovations will affect the home’s value.

Home Remodeling in Jacksonville — The Bathroom

The most popular room to renovate in practically home is the bathroom. That’s because it’s usually the smallest, and therefore least expensive room, to update.

But the bathroom also provides the most “bang for the buck” in terms of increasing a home’s value. Money invested in bathroom renovations almost always can be recovered when it’s time to sell.

Home Remodeling in Jacksonville — The Kitchen

The second most popular room to renovate is the kitchen. That’s because the kitchen is often the most “visible” room in the house.

The kitchen is where family members are most likely to spend time together throughout the day. It’s also where most visitors are greeted by today’s homeowners.

Home Remodeling in Jacksonville — The Back Patio

The third most popular room to renovate isn’t actually a room at all.

Many homeowners will spend the money to renovate their backyard — adding a deck, pouring a cement patio, or other fast, relatively simple upgrades — because they want to gain a new useful area for not very much investment.

This is especially true in areas like Fort Lauderdale, where the weather is warm enough to enough the backyard nearly all year round.

The bathroom, kitchen, and back patio are the most popular rooms to renovate, but they aren’t the only rooms.

Front entrance hallways renovations, converting bedrooms into office or storage space, and changing an attic space into a spare bedroom are other popular home remodeling projects.